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I’ll be on WRCT

Lizzie Anderson of WRCT interviewed me/taped me at the homophobia rally Wednesday evening, and I understand it will be broadcast on Monday August 29th at 6PM . WRCT is at FM 88.3, or you can listen online at

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Bloomfield Queer Rally Followup: The Rally.

What happened to Lauren could happen to any of us. Homophobes are out there, and when they are carrying guns it gets even scarier. It is essential that we are all willing to stand up and demand that this type of behaviour does not belong in our neighborhoods. We have every right to live and enjoy our lives no matter if we are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, straight or any other way people self identify.

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Bloomfield Queer Rally Video

        Note: post updated to include video links.   Note: this is the 1st of multiple posts discussing the rally and issues that occurred on Wednesday evening in Bloomfield. I am going to write multiple short posts that talk about various parts of the whole of the evening. I know I will get negative comments on some (maybe all) of these posts. We all are entitled to our opinions. I thought about[Read More…]

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Queer rally turns ugly.

Much to post about the rally tonight so watch the blog. Suffice to say as a start, that what started as a quiet and peaceful rally, turned nasty. I saw so much and videotaped quite a bit. Some will talk about tonight as if the police were the problem and they proved why so many within the LGBTQ community don’t trust the police. Others will say that young queers who have no respect for any[Read More…]

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Gun pointed at lesbian: Rally tonight in Bloomfield

When police reportsd are filed and contain adequate information, it becomes easier for the police and other authorities to take action. In this current incident, a gun was pulled which is a real escalation in violence against a member of the community and that is a very big deal that should be taken very seriously.

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Teacher suspended for views on gay marriage: Not Really!

Personal religious views are just that- personal. If same-sex marriage is opposed to a person’t religious views then, they shouldn’t have one. Salvation, which is the ultimate reason why Christians have faith and follow some doctrine, is an individual thing. What two men do in New York doesn’t harm this teacher’s salvation. He’ll still end up in heaven no matter what others are or are not doing. These personal religious views are what are protected in the First Amendment.

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Gay History 101: Bayard Rustin

The anti-gay forces are fighting so hard because they know that the truth is a death blow to their hate. When individuals or any age learn abut the positive impact LGBT’s have made, their ability to paint us as demons and evil doers is diminished.

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Is Real Faith dead?

During the 1960’s, there was a movement that was partly a result of Jewish thought following the atrocities of WW2, called the God is Dead movement. The basic premise was that if God is all that we have believed God to be, how could God allow his chosen people to suffer as they did during the holocaust. If doesn’t think I have done the movement justice by that brief descriptor, please add your comments to[Read More…]

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The GOP and Theocracy: If you aren’t now afraid, you ought to be.

Apparently, the personhood amendments in 26 states that define a zygote as a human being are not severe enough for the forced birth crowd, so they have determined that the act of sexual intercourse is now a human being. The Catholic Church goes so far as to condemn coitus interruptus as sinful because it prevents insemination, thus preventing life from forming. It is a perverse control mechanism for any religion to dictate how and why[Read More…]

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Obama bars U.S. entry for violators of LGBT human rights abroad.

But the very bottom level starting place has to be to end government sanctioned or institutional/structural violence and abuse . The elimination of this type of issue doesn’t create equality, fairness, and freedom in and of itself, but without it no further progress can exist.

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