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PA Governor Corbett Not Attending Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally

PA Governor Corbett Not Attending Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally

Corbett has plenty of Texas connections, mainly because of the gas and oil industry interest in Pennsylvania, and I was wondering if he would be part of Perry’s Prayers Across America event.

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Join the latte party.

Join the latte party.

A tax burden that might make it impossible for the surviving partner to keep the house. Today, as we are both healthy and alive it is easy to forget that. We can go along with our lives as if a lack of equality doesn’t phase us. But it does. It we want to see change, we must, must, must get more engaged and recognize that it is our government too, and time we actively worked to shape it tomeet our needs.

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BAUER: Moonbeam brings queer studies to California grade schools

It is a shame that honesty is not one of the values Gary Bauer strives to project. No wonder the American culture is in such a mess when the President of American Values spreads lies and misinformation.

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Perry’s 10th Amendment Problem

I’ve heard the reports that most GOP pundits get wet thinking that Rick Perry will enter the presidential race for 2012. On one level, I get it. Who is a bigger symbol of smaller and less powerful federal government than the guy who talked of succession and states rights. Perry loves him some of that 10th amendment! But really, who is being kidded by this talk? Conservatives don’t want more power in the states when[Read More…]

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LGBTQ events sponsored by New Voices Pittsburgh

LGBTQ events sponsored by New Voices Pittsburgh

New Voices Pittsburgh is a wonderful local group doing awesome work and seeing the bigger picture in a way few other organizations do. I received this image in an email from the Three Rivers Community Fund, but thought my readers may be interested, so here is the image which lists some upcoming events. I’m in San Diego for work, or else you would see me at BRGR on August 4!

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Public forum at PSU-New Ken is time to ask about LGBT issues.

I received a blast email from Rep Evankovich about his upcoming public forum. Questions received from constituents will be addressed b y a panel of other elected officials from both sides of the aisle. This is a perfect opportunity to pose some questions about HB 300, the state-wide non-discrimination protections, as well as other issues of importance to Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ community.  At the bottom is a link to his website where a form exists to[Read More…]

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Many Pennsylvania bills being written by secretive group of corporate lobbyists behind closed doors

American Legislative Exchange Council writes bills and then gives them to PA legislators who pass them off as their own work. The report identifies 23 legislators who are ALEC members, including much of the GOP leadership in the General Assembly. Twenty-two of the 23 are GOP legislators. Only one is a Democrat.

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Catholic church plays victim: refuses to live in the 21st century

If Catholic related groups wish to discriminate based upon their world view, they can. No one is stopping them. But if they seek to be business partners with the State and participants in a democracy, then they have to follow the laws just like the rest of us.

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Understanding the obstacles to equality

Thomasson’s ideas place pastors at the heart of the political system. Christianly voting = theocracy.

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LGBTQ Pittsburgh’s five year plan

During Pride this year, Visit Pittsburgh, in cooperation with the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh sponsored a media tour which brought LGBT media persons from across the country here to see and write about Pittsburgh. Overwhelmingly, they shared the singular experience of “discovering” why Pittsburgh deserves the ranking as the 5th gayest city. Many of us who live here, know we have something special, while at times because war are so close to it, we may[Read More…]

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