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Equality PA Issues Statement Regarding Issues at Pitt

Statement of Equality Pennsylvania on the University of Pittsburgh’s Non-Discrimination Policy for the Transgender Community and the Need for Calm   Harrisburg – Over the past several weeks, Equality Pennsylvania has been very carefully monitoring and watching the situation surrounding the University of Pittsburgh’s non-discrimination policy and how it impacts the transgender community.  We have spoken with quite a few people on what is happening, and among them we have discussed ways to find solutions.[Read More…]

What will GetEqual end up getting?

GetEqual has a problem with the President’s current methodology, but they aren’t going after the President, such as a picket at the White House. They are targeting Obama campaign offices. In other word, they are targeting my future, and your future. Their efforts may assist in electing a GOP President. Thanks but no thanks.

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Pitt Trans Policy: What to do if you have been discriminated against.

I can accept that Seamus is “male” but I am not so sure I accept that he is a man. His gender identity is incongruent with man-ness, but fully congruent with male-ness. I am not sure if a men’s locker room is a place where men (sex) change and shower. I think it may be. I don’t think it is the place where males are, if that makes sense.

Romney, Obama, Signorele, and Same-sex Marriage

Romney, Obama, Signorele, and Same-sex Marriage

True, Romney could say, “…my view is the same as the President’s. I’m for Civil Unions but I do not support Same-sex Marriage.” This may seem to be similar to the President’s position. In really, actions speak louder than words. While the President has a history now of taking actions that demonstrate support for Same-sex marriage, such as refusing to defend DOMA, Romney’s actions include flip-flopping, and signing on to the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge.

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TLPI: College and University Checklist

This is from the Transgender Law and Policy Institute’s website. The whole site is a wealth of great information concerning treans issues, and this information applies well to the current issue at Pitt. “Transgender Checklist for Colleges and Universities” by Genny Beemyn for the Transgender Law and Policy Institute Language and Processes Yes No __ __ Have a college nondiscrimination policy that includes “gender identity or expression.” __ __ If your office has its own[Read More…]

Pittsburgh’s mayor has confusing stance on equality issues.

Pittsburgh’s mayor has confusing stance on equality issues.

The mayor’s position simply shows that he is out of touch with the reality of gay and lesbian relationships, the law and equality. Civil Unions don’t provide all of the same protections and benefits are in and of themselves not the whole of the issue. My partner and I have been together for 16 years. We own a house together, but if one of us should die accidentally, the other one would not have the house like if we were married. The surviving partner would owe inheritance tax on his ow home, and that could mean either of us could lose the house. Perhaps for the Mayor, being able to keep your own home is a benefit?

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Is hypocrisy a Biblical principle?

A Texas pastor who has repeatedly called Mitt Romney’s religion a cult is now endorsing the former Massachusetts governor because President Barack Obama “opposes biblical principles.”   Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress first said in 2007 that Romney was not qualified to be president because “Mormonism is a cult.”   “Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” Jeffress told his congregation. “Even though he talks about Jesus as his Lord[Read More…]

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Separate is never equal when it comes to marriage.

Separate is never equal when it comes to marriage.

The more frightening part of bills like this however, is considering the door it could open. We know that underneath the anti-same-sex marriage facade is just blatant rejection of gay people- of being gay as an acceptable sexual orientation. If wedding providers can be considered for exclusions and allowed to discriminate, what is to stop restaurant owners, employers, health care providers…

LAPD plans separate jail for transgender suspects.

It is one thing to discuss nondiscrimination as a concept, but how does that change when put into practical situations like shower facilities, locker rooms, prisons, etc. Maybe nondiscrimination is the same, and a concept can be equyally applied everywhere. Maybe not.

Pitt Trans Bathroom Issue: Meeting with the Pitt Administration

Pitt Trans Bathroom Issue: Meeting with the Pitt Administration

In this case, the Pitt Administration wants to see a comprehensive policy in place that treats all students, staff, and faculty, fairly, respectfully and trans-positive.