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Get Connected: Western PA LGBTQ Twitter Accounts

Get Connected: Western PA LGBTQ Twitter Accounts

Twitter has become a valuable tool for the sharing of news and information. For many, it has replaced reading the daily paper. For others, it is a Social Network where no company’s profit-driven algorithm is determining what you see or don’t see.

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The Business Argument for Full LGBTQ Equality and Rights

The Business Argument for Full LGBTQ Equality and Rights

The quote below is from an amici brief filed regarding the court case in Utah re: same-sex marriage,and pulled from this this story: “State laws and constitutions that deny marriage to gay and lesbian citizens are bad for our businesses …. Our success is dependent upon the welfare and morale of all employees, without distinction. This forced differential treatment – imposed by state law – of similarly situated employees interferes with our business and professional[Read More…]

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Diverse Communities: Kicking out the Bisexuals?

What I do want to really own from Jillian’s position however, is that today, more than ever before, we have a need to both accentuate our differences, and at the same time embrace our togetherness. Even if we can easily see how to cut ourselves up into isolated parts, there is enormous value in owning our connectedness which makes us one community full of diversity. Our sense of community isn’t about how we are alike, but rather, our willingness to celebrate our differences without it harming our individual or collective identity.

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Apply now for the Citizen’s Police Academy: This is LGBTQ Activism!

I encourage you to think abouyt this as a form of LGBTQ activism. Imagine, this is most likely the closest you will ever be to a large number of members of the PPD. You will have much opportunity to share your perspectives as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, or allied supporters, and these are perspectives that these same members of the force probably don’t hear very often. Your participation provides opportunities to the Pittsburgh Police to learn about the needs of the LGBTQ community, and understand how their actions and the ways they do things impacts the LGBTQ community.

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Scott Brown doesn’t understand progressives.

Scott Brown doesn’t understand progressives.

Scott Brown translation: I might vote for your equality sometimes and I might not vote for your equality at other times. Is that good enough for you? Not good enough for me.

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Service Members United: How to build a grass roots movement.

This is a wonderful video clip well worth watching. I appreciate how they lay out a case for building a strong grass roots movement based on a single, clear and concise message. At times, I think the LGBTQ movement seeks inclusivity over clarity. I’m not sure that is all bad, but I do wonder if we had more groups, each working for a clear purpose, and cross supporting each other, if we would get further[Read More…]

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Today’s Prop 8 Hearing

Received an email today explaining how you can follow the Prop 8 hearing that is happening today starting at noon Pittsburgh time,  or 9AM PT. Follow the American Foundation for Equal Rights on Twitter. Follow them on Facebook.

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Transphobia in the LGB community

Transphobia in the LGB community

I think there is clearly some within the LGBT community who express transphobia at anywhere from a very mild to very blatant and offensive level.

December 5, 2010 1 comment Activism, general

LGBT Equality Sites

Here is a list of websites that offer LGBTQ Rights information, resources and assistance.  The list came from a posting on Facebook, and may not be a complete list.  If there are other sites you would add to the list, please feel free to add a comment to this post.[Read More…]

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Veterans Day: An LGBT Perspective

Now, it is our turn. To give voice for the overlooked LGBT veterans and all the lives they have touched, and to keep moving freedom and equality moving forward.

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