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Why Marriage Equality Matters: The Sharon Reed Story

If we fail to help and protect our growing families and our children, we also set our overall movement back.

April 13, 2010 1 comment general, Same-Sex Marriage

The Politics of Love: New Website Launched!

“Politics of Love” a website with downloadable resources for anyone interested in doing advocacy work for Marriage Equality. Check it out! The site contains, audio, video, handouts, and powerpoint tools.

April 7, 2010 3 comments Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage

Reminder: PA Marriage Debate Tonight!

This evening in Harrisburg PA, PA Senator Daylin Leach and NOM’s Maggie Gallagher will debate the topic of same-sex marriage.

March 24, 2010 Comments are Disabled general, Same-Sex Marriage

Youth Bullying, Homophobia, Gay Marriage and College Students

What percentage of youth enter college and are therefor included in this poll? Does this difference represent a regional, economic or cultural divide? I wonder about this because at the same time as we see support among college freshmen rising, experts also claim that there are growing levels of bullying of youth happening in high schools and even earlier education.

March 18, 2010 3 comments general

Remind Me Why Gay Marriage Is Evil

Neither of us have ever done anything inappropriate with a minor, nor have we tried to buy off someone’s silence to keep our evil deeds a secret. But we are supposed to be the ones who are a threat to the family and to children?

March 13, 2010 3 comments general, Same-Sex Marriage

Polling Data Concerning Same-Sex Marriage in Pennsylvania

Despite the ambiguity, Pennsylvanians are united on one thing: Same-sex marriage isn’t a campaign issue. Six in 10 respondents said a candidate’s stance on the issue would not determine whether they support the candidate, compared to 34 percent who said it did.

March 11, 2010 2 comments Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage

PA Senate Judiciary Committee to Vote on SB 707

The language of the bill would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Backers of the legislation believe that this will make it harder to overturn in the courts, but this really isn’t the case. There are states that have had a constitutional ban, and it has been found as unconstitutional just as easily as a simple law of the state.

March 11, 2010 5 comments general

Who is Winning the Battle for Marriage?

But I think it is the wrong question to get concerned about.Marriage equality is essentially connected to a broader issue: the acceptance of gays and lesbians.

March 10, 2010 1 comment Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage More than Civil Rights

The creation of family happens regardless of the gender of the participants. Straight couples and gay couples, and the strength of those commitments over time are not dependent on the gender differences of the two participants.

March 5, 2010 2 comments general, Same-Sex Marriage

Advocacy, Urgency, and Results

It is never too early to start this relationship if there is a specific issue or bill that is important to you and others. But real change isn’t about one legislative bill or one issue. So, it is never too late to get involved in issue advocacy work if real equality is important to you.

February 28, 2010 Comments are Disabled Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage
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