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The best morning to wake up gay.

The best morning to wake up gay.

Obama gave us, gay and lesbian people, a place within the whole of the American Dream in a way that had never been articulated so clearly before.

January 22, 2013 3 comments general

More than just politics: Obama and gay marriage.

Really great piece on Americablog about Obama and Gay Marriage. Read it all, but here is a good clip: This is not about Obama. It’s about us. The nation is increasingly open to marriage equality because we have been listening and learning – from our friends, from pop culture and from the strides made by the gay rights community. I don’t think history will remember the President’s announcement for his personal narrative. The breakthrough here[Read More…]

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Obama evolved! Now what?

Obama evolved! Now what?

The biggest issues facing Obama are not moderate voters in swing states who may be socially conservative. One repercussion of the devastating loses in 2010 helped the GOP redistrict to favor conservatives, and enact across the country, various legislation which oppresses the vote by traditionally democrat voters. Indeed, numbers are way down, especially within the African American community. LGBTQ activists need to lend all their time, talent and funds to GOTV efforts within all traditional Dem voter blocks, even where some of those voters will need to be educated about the need to support LGBTQ issues. We asked for him to evolve,he did, and now it is our turn to do our part. Are we ready? Are you ready?

May 11, 2012 Comments are Disabled Activism, Election, Same-Sex Marriage

What will GetEqual end up getting?

GetEqual has a problem with the President’s current methodology, but they aren’t going after the President, such as a picket at the White House. They are targeting Obama campaign offices. In other word, they are targeting my future, and your future. Their efforts may assist in electing a GOP President. Thanks but no thanks.

April 20, 2012 8 comments Activism, Election, general
Romney, Obama, Signorele, and Same-sex Marriage

Romney, Obama, Signorele, and Same-sex Marriage

True, Romney could say, “…my view is the same as the President’s. I’m for Civil Unions but I do not support Same-sex Marriage.” This may seem to be similar to the President’s position. In really, actions speak louder than words. While the President has a history now of taking actions that demonstrate support for Same-sex marriage, such as refusing to defend DOMA, Romney’s actions include flip-flopping, and signing on to the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge.

April 18, 2012 1 comment Election, general, Same-Sex Marriage

Vlogtober 15

This policy change through the Department of Health and Human Services is huge, and does more to affect the real every day lives of gay and lesbian couples than most all of the big trendy issues where people complain about tge President. This is real change that impacts real lives.

October 15, 2011 Comments are Disabled Activism, general

White House responds to N.C. marriage amendment

This president has done more for the LGBTQ community than any previous president, but that really isn’t enough. No president more than Barrack Obama should understand the underlying Civil Rights that are at stake in the battle over Marriage Equality. This is why we expect him to, in the words of Dan Savage, evolve already.

September 14, 2011 1 comment Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage

Obama bars U.S. entry for violators of LGBT human rights abroad.

But the very bottom level starting place has to be to end government sanctioned or institutional/structural violence and abuse . The elimination of this type of issue doesn’t create equality, fairness, and freedom in and of itself, but without it no further progress can exist.

August 5, 2011 Comments are Disabled Activism, general

Boehner leaves Obama at the altar?

In this clip, Obama uses a “marriage” image to describe Boehner’s actions. Is that a coincidence, or another sign that the President is evolving when it comes to marriage equality

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4 Reasons Queers Should Care About the Birthers

Today, I want to lay out 4 very clear reasons why Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Americans need to be alarmed at the Birthers and their influence in our government, and especially the role they will play in the next Presidential race of 2012. In some regard, it isn’t just the Birthers, but the Tea Party more generally, but the Birthers, as a group offer some clearly identifiable issues to consider, and are closely[Read More…]

April 25, 2011 2 comments general