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Get Connected: Western PA LGBTQ Twitter Accounts

Get Connected: Western PA LGBTQ Twitter Accounts

Twitter has become a valuable tool for the sharing of news and information. For many, it has replaced reading the daily paper. For others, it is a Social Network where no company’s profit-driven algorithm is determining what you see or don’t see.

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Q is for Queer

Q is for Queer

If Equality really is to mean that everyone is treated fairly and without discrimination regardless of the sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, then we must quit promoting the false dichotomy which pretends that people are either straight or gay, and referring the whole of our community by including the “Q” is a big step in that direction.

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Bloomfield Queer Rally: at the hearings

when the police go overboard and throw their power around, and use arrests as a way to intimidate a group of people, it not only does damage to the relationship between the police and that group, but harms the Police’s credibility overall. The Police have no easy job, yet one has to wonder if they make it harder than it has to be in some situations.

September 8, 2011 7 comments general
Concerned Queer’s Questions

Concerned Queer’s Questions

but I also realize that a philosophical mindset itself doesn’t change things. People who find ways to engage in action can change things. Queer anarchists may believe that by bashing back they will change things. I don’t know. Time will tell. I’m personally more comfortable with working to build bridges, call out inequity, and work in non-violent ways, like MLK Jr.

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QUILTBAG and the 5 year plan

QUILTBAG and the 5 year plan

QUILTBAG turns all of that on its head, and sets forth an acronym where all letters share an equal weigt and play an equal role in producing a pronouncable descriptor. And similar to the reasons why “L” was added before the “G,” by starting with “Q” we are reminded to look at this and the issues from a new perspective, different than we have been up to now.

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Questions for Concerned Queer

Questions for Concerned Queer

If there is a difference between the gay community and the queer community from your perspective, which community do you think I self-identify with? Which community do you identify me as a part of?

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Bloomfield Queer Rally: hearings today

I saw Lauren Jurysta last evening and she told me that the hearings for those arrested is today at 12:30 pm. I have a very full day at work but will try and get away to go if I can swing it. I know nothing about 3 of the people arrested nor do I know the facts surrounding Japenga’s arrest. The 5th person who was arrested, in my opinion didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m[Read More…]

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QUILTBAG and Thank-you

Tonight was the meeting organized by Rayden Sorock with the goal to develop a 5 year plan for the LGBTQ community which is probably better referred to as QUILTBAG. Lots to write about, and it will have to be enough for now to just say that the group assembled was fantastic. This was the most diverse group in every way I think I have ever seen gathered together. Differing ages, races, orientations, gender identities, probably[Read More…]

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More on Queer

This is a good read, although fairly esoteric and theoretical. Rather, it is the qualitative position of opposition to presentations of stability—an identity that problematizes the manageable limits of identity. Queer is a territory of tension, defined against the dominant narrative of white-hetero-monogamous-patriarchy, but also by an affinity with all who are marginalized, otherized, and oppressed. I especially like the closing comment: Queer is a total rejection of the regime of the Normal. I don’t[Read More…]

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Still Time To Queer the Census

If you haven’t mailed your census form back yet, you can still do so, and it is an important thing for you to do to help make lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people less invisible.

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