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The Sky (aka DOMA) Is Falling!

The link below is to Joe.My.God, although  everything from there is also here, and some more. Family Research Council head bigot Tony Perkins is once again making the Baby Jeebus cry by telling the American Family Association radio audience that President Obama has “unilaterally decided not to enforce DOMA.” If fact, as we all know, the president has merely decided not to defend DOMA and its full enforcement remains in effect. Joe.My.God uses the image[Read More…]

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Gov’t Drops Defense Of Marriage Act Defense

The good news, is we have a president who is now acting like many thought he would to support fairness and equal treatment under the law for all people, including gays and lesbians. The bad news (or maybe it will be good news?) is that same-sex marriage will be a central issue in the next national elections of 2012.

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Rick “Man On Dog” Santorum Has a Problem

This is making the rounds under the title, “Santorum has a Google Problem,” but I don’t think that is really accurate. Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum, has a problem because he can’t escape his past as he now tries to set himself up for a run for President. Mr Man-on-dog himself, calls it a Google problem, because if you Google Santorum, the first hits are not what he wishes they were, but in reality, they[Read More…]

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Conservatives and Economic or Social Agendas

I took this from Facebook, but it came from Twitter: RT @SenGillibrand Outrageous that instead of wkg to create jobs, House GOP voted to slash funding of #PlannedParenthood, threatening lives of women & girls. Last night, I had a young guy try to school me about conservatives and the Tea Party. According to him, the Tea Party doesn’t care about social issues, like gay rights or women’s rights. They care about jobs, and smaller government,[Read More…]

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Alan Bounville Is Not An Activist

Alan Bounville Is Not An Activist

Alan Bounville is not an activist. Really. How do I know? He told me so. Really. And given that he isn’t an activist, he sure is a busy guy doing amazing things that most people attribute to activists. I’d say he is sort of full of shit. He is very much an activist, but his point in not accepting that title, and the way he goes about doing what he does is truly amazing. More activists[Read More…]

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Justice League- Activate! Has a New Website

I have written about and interviewed Audrey Smith from the LGBT Rights group, Justice League- Activate!, and I was presed to see they have a new website: JLA is a network of people headquartered in State College PA, taking direct action to obtain equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation (SO) or gender identity (GI) or expression (GE)

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Inconsistency and Inequality

Or are differences in acceptance and discrimination directly related to a number of factors such as the size of the community, and the general sense of progressiveness?

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Unprotected Love

If we are going to get a handle on the rising HIV infection rate, we are going to have to come to terms with all the reasons why gay men don’t use condoms, and rather than place all the focus on shaming guys for having unprotected sex (since shaming rarely ever works to create meaningful change), we need to explore other mechanisms for helping to promote healthy, exciting, and life affirming sex.

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Canadian Transgender Rights Bill Passes House of Commons

I saw this reported on Pam’s House Blend, although the quote and link below are to original sources. OTTAWA — The House of Commons passed a bill Wednesday that will amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to protect transgender and transsexual Canadians from discrimination. “It’s a great day,” said the bill’s author, NDP MP Bill Siksay. “It’s been in the works for six years, and it’s great to see people from all[Read More…]

Bathroom Bill Language Encourages Abuse Against Trans Community

The statistics reported about members of the Trans community are staggering, and form a solid foundation for work at the local, state and federal levels to offer full non-discrimination protections for all, including women and men who identify as Trans.

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