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The Waite Court (1888)

The “Right to Marry” is NOT one activist judge’s ruling but the law of the land.

The US Supreme Court has ruled 14 times since 1888 about the fundamental right to marriage, yet groups like the National Organization for Marriage claim that one Obama appointed judge is acting in an activist way. Silly, inaccurate and hateful!

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Dump NOM not coffee!

Dump NOM not coffee!

As I see it, you homophobes are pretty loud and viscious, but there aren’t that many of you given how big this country really is. Try as hard as you want, and while you may get more signatures, it won’t be enough to really impact the bottom line at Starbucks (and it really is all about the bottom line). But what you will accomplish, is getting one or more homophobes outta line so I can get my morning coffee just a bit quicker! Sounds like a winner for me!

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Sinning for marriage!

The truth of the matter, is that the judges did nothing to the vote of seven million voters. The judges looked at the case to determine if the actions were aligned with the constitution or unconstitutional, and they found it to be unconstitutional. It would not have mattered how Prop 8 came into being. If it had been an act of legislation or a referendum vote, it still has to be constitutional. Every law must be constitutional.

Those who oppose marriage equality are few, but wealthy.

This is not reason to celebrate, but rather it is reason to not give up the passion with which we fight for marriage equality. We still have a long way to go, but our battle is really against a small group of very loud, very rich supporters who have no problem sinning (bearing false witness is a sin) when it works to their advantage to do what they claim is “the Lord’s work.”

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The Sky (aka DOMA) Is Falling!

The link below is to Joe.My.God, although √ā¬†everything from there is also here, and some more. Family Research Council head bigot Tony Perkins is once again making the Baby Jeebus cry by telling the American Family Association radio audience that President Obama has “unilaterally decided not to enforce DOMA.” If fact, as we all know, the president has merely decided not to defend DOMA and its full enforcement remains in effect. Joe.My.God uses the image[Read More…]

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Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

for him, and those who are with him, the battle to stop civil marriage is all about the plumbing, and some ideal myth of boy marries girl, marries and makes babies. Let me repeat that: The battle against Civil Marriage by Same-Sex partners is all about protecting a myth that doesn’t match the reality of the world in which we live.

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Why We Need To Care About the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

Why We Need To Care About the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

NOM is succeeding by using a magician’s approach to getting where they want to be. They create small diversions that cause knee-jerk reactions within the LGBT community, while their real focus and meaningful work is on raising money secretly and using that money to affect elections.

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The Rewriting of American History

Either way, from Glen Beck claiming that the Washington Monument building was halted during the Civil War (impossible since it wasn’t even begun till well after the war ended) and his co-opting of Martin Luther King, to the entire “don’t tread on me” Tea Party movement, any of these groups who are opposed to anything progressive are destroying the true basis of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by fictionalizing our past.

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The Changing Environment of LGBT Activism

Then Walker handed down his prop 8 ruling, and everything started to shift. Imagine if there were 50 there without much organization, how big of a crowd could have been gathered if there was a major push to create a real counter demonstration?

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Counter Protesting NOM

Countering NOM may make Marriage Equality supporters feel good, and let them blow off a bit of righteous steam, they also totally play into meeting NOM’s needs and help them garner publicity where they might not otherwise get any. Why are we helping them be successful, even if it makes us feel good?

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