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Putting the Pieces Together for LGBT Rights

Progress may then look a bit like a three ring circus or a juggler who is handling three balls in one hand, three knifes in the other, while attempting to balance some spinning plates, all at the same time. A balancing act of all of these elements is needed to get things from point A to point B, of the road to full equality.

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Get Out The Vote 2010

I would say that queers aren’t a noticeable target at the moment, exactly because we are a major target for after the far right conservatives take power.

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Please all join together and sing a round of Happy Birthday, as my blog celebrates a second birthday! I probably would have totally missed it, except that I’m away on vacation, like I was two years ago when the blog really took off, and a lack of internet here at sea, brought it into stark focus. Yes, I’m experiencing blogging withdrawal, and that led me to think about the very beginning of the blog. I’m[Read More…]

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The Beginning of the End of Democracy

Or, she, (and others?) are advocating for a re-rendering of our founding documents, which would be thoroughly scary. The ability to amend the Constitution was built into the document on purpose for a real reason.

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Justice League-Activate! An Interview with Audrey Smith

They illustrate both a passion, as well as smart response to the problems facing LGBT Equality. Namely our need to be vocal and demand action from our elected officials.

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Open Letter to the Lazy Gays

We don’t need any lazy gays, too busy being cute to take the time and do a little work to assure that we can continue to move LGBT rights ahead in Pennsylvania. Joe, the Choice is yours. You can let Tom Corbett win, or you can get to work for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and help elect Dan Onorato.

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The Greatest Weapon Against The LGBT Movement

We are but a few weeks from an extremely important election where the conservatives have tried to paint a facade around the Tea Party crazies as if they are really all about fiscal conservatism, when I’m reality, they are all about traditional family values, and social issues control.

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Polls and Who Will Be Pennsylvania’s Next Governor

It is hard to miss all of the polls predicting who will win the governor’s race in Pennsylvania. What the pollsters aren’t telling you is that the real bottom line is this: the winner will be 100% based on turnout. If Democrats turn out in reasonable numbers, Dan Onorato will win. If Democrats stay home, he won’t win. If Democrats stay home, the PA House will also go Republican, for the same reason, that a[Read More…]

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Ground Water and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

If we care about ground water in Pennsylvania, and we want the Gas and Oil companies to be accountable, we need to defeat Tom Corbett at the ballot box and elect a governor who will take care of the people of the state instead of taking care of the multi-billion dollar corporations and their profits.

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Corbett To Give Gas Industry One Trillion Dollars Tax Free!

Corbett To Give Gas Industry One Trillion Dollars Tax Free!

I suppose nothing from an industry perspective. The Oil and Gas industry has invested $334,500 to make back ONE TRILLION DOLLARS tax free. That’s a pretty good Return on Investment, isn’t it?

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