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Apply now for the Citizen’s Police Academy: This is LGBTQ Activism!

I encourage you to think abouyt this as a form of LGBTQ activism. Imagine, this is most likely the closest you will ever be to a large number of members of the PPD. You will have much opportunity to share your perspectives as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, or allied supporters, and these are perspectives that these same members of the force probably don’t hear very often. Your participation provides opportunities to the Pittsburgh Police to learn about the needs of the LGBTQ community, and understand how their actions and the ways they do things impacts the LGBTQ community.

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Check out the Pittsburgh Queer Music and Performance Festival

Follow the URL below to find out more about the Pittsburgh Queer Music and Performance Festival to be held June 23rd from 3PM-1AM! Here is what I received in an email about it: The idea behind it, and the reason we feel it’s so important to put on an all day queer music festival in Pittsburgh, is to help the queer music scene in Pittsburgh grow by supporting and strengthening our community and to provide a[Read More…]

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GLCC Volunteer Drive TODAY!

GLCC Volunteer Drive TODAY!

There is a Facebook event for the GLCC Volunteer Drive: In honor of Harvey Milk’s Birthday, the GLCC is starting a volunteer Drive! We are having two Trainings to start off. This event is for the first one one! We are looking for folks who are interested helping with the day to day operations of the GLCC, Creating and implementing programs, recruitment of other volunteers or just want to get involved and don’t know where to[Read More…]

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Chris Brown slams gay rumors as ‘lies’: Is Raz B homophobic?

Chris Brown slams gay rumors as ‘lies’: Is Raz B homophobic?

Chris Brown slams gay rumors as ‘lies’: Is Raz B homophobic? The LGBTQ community should not be silent on this, and the point isn’t about Chris Brown’s sexual orientation. Rather, we can not let anyone slam gay people in general by suggesting a link between violence against women and sexual orientation.

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If Walker wins WI, what happens in PA?

The linked story is about the debate, and given DailyKOS, it is not a surprise that they call Barrett the winner.  But really, isn’t the whole recall because Walker is such a loser, and should be recalled? How is it then, that he is seen as either neck and neck or winning in some polls? For me, the bigger question is, what does a Walker “win” mean for Pennsylvania?  Some may say, nothing, but I[Read More…]

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Is Travolta gay? Orientation, identity, and disclosure.

Is Travolta gay? Orientation, identity, and disclosure.

Juliet Jeske shares an interesting post on HuffPo Gay Voices that is a good and meaningful read. Dig into the comments too, because there is some great stuff there as well. Unfortunately, Jeske has her own agenda which she dismisses while asking if we should care if John Travolta is gay. Her agenda is as follows: I have a particular disdain for the “closet” and for anyone perpetuating secrets and lies about their sexual orientation.[Read More…]

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Voter Suppression will not protect your vote. Court date set.

A date has now been set for the PA court challenge to th PA VoterID Bill. Opponents of the law claim it is designs to suppress voters who are most generally democrat voters while proponents believe the law will protect against illegal alien voters. The bill was crafted by ALEC, and is part of a multi-state voter suppression effort. The linked story is one of the best ive read, and articulates well some of the[Read More…]

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Councilman Peduto To Be Named Common Cause PA’s “Champion of Good Government 2012”

Councilman Peduto To Be Named Common Cause PA’s “Champion of Good Government 2012”

Details about a fundraiser and recognition for Bill Peduto, a Pittsburgh councilperso every LGBTQ Pittsburgher ought to care about. And the top three things I love about Bill Peduto.

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Maggie Gallagher redefines marriage.

Allowing inter-racial marriage didn’t do anything negative to anyone else’s marriage, nor will accepting same-sex marriage. Straight people will continue to get married, and families will be multi-faceted as they are today.

May 23, 2012 1 comment Activism, general, Same-Sex Marriage
Limiting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s  Legacy will hurt everyone.

Limiting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Legacy will hurt everyone.

This hurts everyone however given how crucial his messages are for anyone who looks for progress on Civil Justice issues. Additionally, this action also imesearuably harms the Black community further by making more invisible another great leader and Civil Rights advocate, Bayard Rustin. These are two offenses done by Alveda King and I will write about each to be as clear as I can be. I believe anyone who cares about Social Justice should be speaking out with outrage against Alveda King comments and here is why.